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Transformation & Technology

Projects, Systems Thinking, and ICT

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Our council is well-functioning, adaptable and always ready to improve. We see our services from the community’s viewpoint and make them better wherever we can. Our culture is the key, helping us to absorb changes as they come. With rigorous project management in the mix, we achieve the improvements in line with the business plan.

ICT empowers our people through technology – so it’s vital that it works. Every day, skilled developers and engineers keep crucial services up and running, swiftly solving issues. Their mission is to provide applications and infrastructure to support our frontline services. Meanwhile, our data experts make sure our confidential information is safe but accessible. And of course, it’s critical that it’s cost-effective, accessible and efficient for residents in our buildings across Wiltshire.

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Professional & Personal Development

Potential. You’ve got it. And we want to see you making the most of it at Wiltshire.

Whatever your role, we’ll encourage you to develop new skills so you can take your career to the next level. You’ll find there are plenty of opportunities to grow within the organisation, thanks to an impressive suite of learning and training courses. What’s more, everything’s based around the learner so you can track and manage your learning online.

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We know progression is important to you, but it can mean different things to different people. That’s why we’ve created a range of support tools where you can gain valuable experience, acquire new skills and embrace greater responsibilities. Each progression journey is bespoke, but we have defined some fundamental steps:

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Entry-level: These are the first jobs, usually needing little experience or qualifications.

Mid-level: These require more experience and skills, often with added responsibilities.

Senior-level: These roles involve important decisions, team management, and major contributions to the organisation.

Leadership: Managing the organisation’s direction and strategy as managers or directors.

Side stepping: Switching roles or departments for diverse experience or for more education to progress or get qualifications.

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Flexible working

People give their best when their job fits in with their lives. So, wherever possible, we offer flexible working. There are several options available:

  • Flexi-time scheme (for most roles)
  • Compressed or part-time hours
  • Job shares or term-time contracts where appropriate.

We’ve invested heavily in new tech to make flexible working possible.