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Our roles

Social Care, Education & Skills

Keeping residents well and happy is what we’re here for. Our Social Workers help local young people and adults to thrive through dedicated support, quality education, and lifelong learning opportunities.

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Leisure, Libraries & Communities

In our county, we have vibrant and accessible libraries, all kinds of leisure facilities and plenty of opportunities to connect with our communities.

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Administration & Business Support

Be part of a team that’s driving our mission forward and ensuring we’re effective in our community. Join us in HR, Communication, Customer Services, Business Support or Occupational Health.

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Housing, Highways & Planning

Make a huge contribution to our residents’ wellbeing and quality of life. As part of this team, you could be addressing housing needs, tackling homelessness or prioritising road safety.

Climate & Environment

Wiltshire’s natural beauty and heritage draws tourists and supports community wellbeing. Help us preserve our stunning landscapes, and become a carbon neutral county by 2030.

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Legal & Governance

Join us in Legal, Elections, Information Governance or Democratic Services and ensure the smooth running of our local government. You’ll make sure everything’s done by the book, so it’s open and transparent.

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Transformation & Technology

Drive efficiency and change through services like Projects, Systems Thinking, and ICT. Help us
to continue our legacy of being a resilient and forward-thinking organisation who are open to change and committed to efficiency.

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Finance, Procurement & Pensions

Tackle complex challenges and ensure financial resilience as part of Finance, Procurement, and Pensions. Join us, and you’ll give exceptional service no matter which team you’re in.