Leaving school or university? Looking for a change in career, but don’t quite have the necessary experience? Or maybe you’re looking to up-skill to help career progression? Whatever your reason might be, an apprenticeship could be your best way forward!

What is an apprenticeship?


 An apprenticeship is open to anyone over the age of 16, with no upper age limit. Meaning regardless of your professional experience or age, you will be provided with the opportunity to learn and train for a nationally recognised qualification, alongside your day to day employment, which means you can both earn and learn!

It allows you to gain experience of a work place environment, where all the work you do counts. Alongside this practical hands-on experience, you will also be involved in classroom learning to help you achieve your qualification.

 Meet some of our apprentices!



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Benefits of becoming an apprentice at Wiltshire Council:


- You get a guaranteed job on successful completion of the apprenticeship 

- You can earn a salary whilst learning

- Learn job-specific skills – your employer will provide you with ‘on the job’ training

- Access to Wiltshire Council employee benefits scheme

- Employment benefits including annual leave entitlement

- A competitive apprenticeship salary which is above the national apprenticeship average

- A nationally-recognised qualification

- Valuable hands-on experience, working alongside industry professionals

- Guidance and support every step of the way

- To work for a forward thinking and innovative council 

Types of apprenticeships

Starting off at an intermediate level apprenticeship, this is where you will work towards a Level 2 qualification and functional skills. This level is equivalent to five good grade GCSE’S!

Progressing on to an Advanced level apprenticeship, equivalent to two A-Level passes, you will work towards a Level 3 qualification and functional skills.

After that you have Higher level apprenticeships which give you the opportunity to gain either a Level 4 or Level 5 qualification. This would be the equivalent to receiving a Foundation degree!

Getting in to Degree level apprenticeships, where you could gain a Level 6 or 7 qualification. This is where you could earn the equivalent of a Bachelors, or even a Master’s degree!

The great thing about apprenticeships is that you don’t have to start at the lowest level to be able to begin your journey. In fact, as long as you have the right skills and qualifications you can start at any level you like.

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