Social work in Wiltshire

To change everything around you, change where you work 


Whether your aspirations lie in children's services or adult care, you can build a life that has real balance at Wiltshire Council. We are a positive place to work and bring a genuine can-do approach to everything we do. We have simplified our structures to ensure that our decisions are focussed on our communities. And, we'll make you feel empowered to find new answers to old problems, by harnessing the latest technology and collaborating with our communities, partners and colleagues. 

Our promise to you


We are innovating to create stronger, more resilient communities - we will empower you to share your ideas, to make suggestions and to help us find new solutions to old problems.

We don't focus on limitations; we focus on opportunities and possibilities. In doing so, we're very well placed to help you achieve your potential and enjoy a truly fulfilling career. And this means you'll be able to empower our communities too, working collaboratively to help our residents live happier, healthier lives. Read our Community Care article to find out more about our learning pathways for Social Workers.

Adults social care


We support people over the age of 65 and younger people with a physical or sensory impairment, mental health issues or a learning disability. Learn about our approach to social care and browse our vacancies.

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Childrens social care


Our focus is on creating stronger, more resilient communities and we need aspirational, committed social workers.

Learn about our approach to social care and browse our vacancies

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