Self-progression and ‘The comfort zone’ – #EpicApprentice Kaylee’s Story

Self-progression and ‘The comfort zone’ – #EpicApprentice Kaylee’s Story


 “Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” — Brian Tracy

This week Alice and I passed our 6-month new starter probation, meaning we are now fully fledged members of Wiltshire Council! That’s why I thought there was no better topic for this month’s blog than comfort zones, and more importantly stepping outside of them. There have been some great benefits to starting this apprenticeship, but of course, there have also been challenges along the way.

 Here’s a time I was pushed out of my comfort zone, and how I overcame it!

I had wanted to go back to my school to help some of the sixth formers with their decisions about leaving school, as when I was there, I felt as though there was more information about university than any other route. I had contacted the head of the Sixth form and he suggested presenting an assembly. Absolute nightmare! I dreaded presenting in front of people, and was considering changing my mind about going, however, I knew this was something I wanted to do. So, I sat down with my manager and booked myself onto an all-day ‘Presentation Skills’ course, offered by Wiltshire Council.

When the ‘presentation skills’ course came around, I was aware of the fact, that although there was only three of us, I was the youngest in the room (something I’ve grown used to since being here!), which made me feel as though I was the odd one out. However, I soon began to realise that everybody was in the same boat, none of us liked presenting, and all of us wanted to improve.



I left the course feeling much more confident in my presentation skills. I’d had the chance to practice, and had been given some handy tips and tricks to help me hide my nerves. Furthermore, I’d met some new people!

That Friday, I headed to my school and presented the assembly, and although I was full of nerves, and lost my way a couple of times, I got through it without completely freaking out. I know it wasn’t my best performance, but the point was I did it.

If I hadn’t have taken that step outside of my comfort zone and put myself forward to do that assembly, I would never have achieved it. I’d still be worried, and still be doubting myself about talking in front of people, but now, even though it’s still scary I know I can do it.

To anyone who may feel apprehensive about trying something new, my advice is to really think about the reasons why you might be feeling worried, do they outweigh the benefits of achieving your goal? Imagine you’re about to do a bungee jump! Terrified, right? But if you overcome this and take the plunge you’ll have a whole new experience, be able to see something from a new perspective and perhaps you’ll even want to try it again! 

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