An #EPIC Adventure - Meet the Apprentices Blog #1

An #EPIC Adventure - Meet the Apprentices Blog #1

Hello! We're Kaylee and Alice, two Digital Marketing Apprentices at Wiltshire Council. We are here to share our apprenticeship journey with you, so you can see the realities of being an apprentice.

After speaking with friends and family, we can see that there are many misconceptions around apprenticeships, and we hope our blog might help clear them up!

Our mission is to show you that no two apprentices are the same, and apprenticeships can be much more rewarding than some people think.

We thought it would be best to introduce ourselves a little first so we’ve taken the time to have a Q&A session!

Names: Kaylee Winchcombe & Alice Sutcliffe

Age: Kaylee is 18 and Alice is 21

Role: Digital Marketing Apprentice

Length of Apprenticeship: 18 Months

What were you doing before joining Wiltshire Council?

Alongside my studies at sixth form, I had been working part time at a coffee shop in Melksham. When I completed my A levels in July, I began working full time to earn some extra money. I was unsure of what I wanted to do after leaving school, so I had decided that I would work until I knew which direction I wanted to go in.
Alice: Before I joined Wiltshire Council I was working as a Client Support Executive for a Whistleblowing Company. I had always had my heart set on having a career within Marketing but at 21 years old I just didn’t know where to begin!

Why did you consider doing an apprenticeship and what made you choose Wiltshire Council?

Kaylee: I had never really considered apprenticeships, until my boyfriend began looking for one for himself. Amongst his search, he came across a company looking for a Digital Marketing apprentice and suggested it to me. It sounded incredible, I would have the chance to earn money, get a qualification, and develop my skills in photography! It triggered me to look for more, and that’s when I came across the apprenticeship at Wiltshire Council. It seemed like a great opportunity, I would be guaranteed a job at the end of the apprenticeship, I would be paid a great salary as an apprentice, I would have the chance to develop my skills and I would be working for an organisation that is closely connected to the community, it sounded perfect. So, I took a shot in the dark, and applied.
Alice: After some careful consideration I realised that what I really wanted was to not only establish a career within marketing but also the opportunity to earn a relevant qualification too. Following some in-depth research, it was clear that Apprenticeship was the perfect solution, I am one of the many people that have always felt that University wasn’t quite the right path for them, but still want to learn more just with more on the job experience. I came across the apprentice posting on LinkedIn and it immediately sparked my interest, I had a lot of preconceptions about what working for a council would be like, but upon reviewing Wiltshire Councils social media they were immediately challenged. I was impressed by the Council’s clear goals to innovate and empower their Employees, it was a stark difference to any company I had worked for in the past. The councils vision and values were a large factor in what really made me want to be part of the Organisation and apply.

What kind of things will you be getting up to in your role, is there anything that you are particularly looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to working on EPIC impressions, the council’s recognition system, as it’ll give me the chance to highlight how great people are doing! I’m also looking forward to starting the Apprenticeship Engagement group to meet more people, of a similar age, doing similar things to me. It’ll be good to also learn more about marketing through the coursework side of the apprenticeship. The thing I’m looking forward to most is the chance to improve my skills in photography and filming, gaining confidence in directing people and learning how to successfully edit using different Adobe software.
Alice: I can’t wait to get stuck in with photography, Film & Editing and Social Media Projects as I believe it will give me a key insight into how content is planned, produced and effectively communicated. I’m also really looking forward to creating, collaborating and engaging with people from all over Wiltshire Council. I’m going to be working on EPIC Ideas so it will be amazing to see some Employee suggestions come to life with our help.

Is there anything you’d like to say to a person who may be feeling apprehensive about an apprenticeship?

Kaylee: When I first saw the post on indeed, I was hesitant to apply as I felt like the role required someone with skills I didn’t yet have. Since starting my apprenticeship, although there are still moments where I worry about my lack of knowledge, I can see I was wrong to hesitate. I have learned so much in the first four weeks I’ve been here and know that my confidence is only going to grow further. So, to anyone who is in a similar position, I would say just take a leap and apply. Apprenticeships aren’t like jobs, the employer will be looking for people with potential, not someone who knows everything already!
Alice: Apprenticeships aren’t only for young people fresh out of school, I had been working since I was 17 years old. At 21 I initially felt lost when it came to changing my career, all of my friends were either in their last year of Uni or starting their Careers and I thought I had ‘missed the boat’ when it came to pursuing higher education, but with an Apprenticeship I can do both and earn a competitive salary.

Lastly, give us a fun fact about you.

Kaylee: I can touch my nose and my chin with my tongue :P

Alice: I frequently attend 1950’s events all over the South West wearing all sorts of funky outfits!

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know us, be sure to check out the video below showing all different kinds of things that we get up to every day!

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