#EPICadventure - Ask an Apprentice Edition!

#EPICadventure - Ask an Apprentice Edition!

Becoming an Apprentice – What to expect?

In 2018, 41% of the apprenticeships started were by people over the age of 24, 30% were started by those aged between 19-24 and 28% were started by those aged under 19.

Whether you’re a young adult coming into your first workplace or already have begun your career and are looking to gain more skills it can be hard to tell what becoming an apprentice is really like. I’ve interviewed two apprentices at the council to give us the low-down on what to expect and their own thoughts and experiences.

Hey Ben, as an introduction could you give us a little bit of background history about yourself?

Hi, I’m Ben. I am an 18 year old Facilities apprentice. I finished my A-levels, where I studied Psychology, English Language and Media, but after visiting a university I came to the realisation that it probably wasn’t the best option for me.

Could you tell us about the apprenticeship you’re doing and why you chose it?

I am doing a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship for the Facilities & Asset Management team, which is completed through Wiltshire College. I chose to do this one, as it will give me a huge variety of skills that I can apply to any job role. One of the reasons I chose this job offer was because Wiltshire Council provide me with a guaranteed job at the end of the apprenticeship, meaning I have job security in my role.

What is becoming an apprentice like for you as someone who is a school leaver?

As a school leaver, it’s very different entering the work environment after already completing my A-levels. You are handed with a lot more responsibility, which I like, and it’s up to you to make sure that the coursework is carried out. I personally have regular meetings with my assessor, but the learning is almost completely self-taught, whereas school was teacher-led. I prefer the independence my apprenticeship has given me, and I can get on with the learning at my own pace.

What did you find most surprising about the apprenticeship?

Everyone treats me as if I am just a regular worker. I work with all different types and varieties of people, and I thought that due to my age I would be seen as inferior. But everyone is equal in the work place, and I feel respected in the environment that I work in.





Hey Rebecca, tell us what you’re all about!

I’m 27, I studied Psychology and Counselling for my undergraduate degree and then went on to do a Masters in Health Psychology. I have been working for Wiltshire Council for almost 4 years and started as the Workplace Heath Coordinator within Occupational Health and I’m currently doing a secondment as a HR Strategic Delivery Officer. Outside of work I love to go hiking and running and I am currently preparing for 9 months of fitness challenges to raise money for charity. I am a football fanatic and animal lover- I have a beautiful cat called Kolo (named after a football player of course).

Could you tell us about the apprenticeship you’re doing and why you chose it?

I am doing a CMI Level 3 apprenticeship in Leadership and Management. I chose to do this as despite having a degree and masters, I knew there were areas I could upskill in, so, when the opportunity came along I jumped at the chance. My overall goal is to become a manager so this apprenticeship offers me a chance to gain skills and knowledge in this area.

What is becoming an apprentice like for you as someone who has already started their career journey?

I think the word ‘apprentice’ makes you think of somebody who has just finished school or university which could put people off doing one however I haven’t dwelled on that word at all. For me it’s about upskilling and gaining more useful qualifications to help me advance my career. I think people need to change their perception on the word ‘apprentice’. I have very little knowledge around leadership and management and so doing this apprenticeship will help me stand out from others when I want to apply for a managerial position, as it goes above and beyond the day job. At times, it is hard to juggle the work around my existing job, but in doing so I should be improving my time management skills.

What did you find most surprising about the apprenticeship?

The support I have received from others doing similar apprenticeships, in fact, for the leadership and management apprenticeship, a ‘Leadership and management support group’ has been set up where we meet up monthly to discuss current challenges or successes which has been helpful. I would recommend the Wiltshire council apprenticeships to anyone looking to upskill, it’s an excellent opportunity to develop yourself and will help you with your career progression.

Thanks both!

So, my question to you is, did our apprentices experiences surprise you? If so let us know why!

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