EPIC stands for Empowering People, Innovation and Collaboration!

Team EPIC is a group of staff volunteers who collaborate on engagement initiatives, helping to make Wiltshire Council an even better place to work.

EPIC impressions


EPIC impressions is our employee recognition initiative which allows staff to congratulate their colleagues online for great work, automatically sending an email to their manager to let them know what a fantastic job they are doing.





EPIC ideas


EPIC ideas allows employees to share solutions, improvements and fresh thinking to make Wiltshire Council even better.

Colleagues can make suggestions, like and comment on each other's ideas online to help turn ideas into actions.

EPIC Talks, 'Know-how? Show how!' our skills-sharing initiative and partnering with the local college to plant Bee-friendly plants at County Hall are just some of the EPIC ideas our staff have come up with.

EPIC Talks


EPIC Talks is an exciting series of free lectures delivered by thought leaders, academics and experts which is open to staff and members of the public. These events will stimulate debate and learning on a wide range of topics.

Some of our previous talks have been from:

Rachel Neaman - The rise of machines

Simon Tyler - Your flipping attitude

Lewis Dartnell - How the earth made us



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