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We deliver more than 350 services to the people of Wiltshire, from public health and social care to planning and street maintenance, schools and libraries. Our vision is to build stronger communities and our core values underpin what we do, what we stand for and how we do things. We are committed to building communities that foster a sense of belonging and self-sufficiency, where we support residents to resolve issues locally and empower our people to act.

We’re a forward-thinking council that’s always ready to embrace new ideas. And we recognise a good idea can come from anyone, at any level. That’s why we encourage our people to be innovative and find new ways to tackle old issues. Our values support this and make us unique; we embrace change, treat everyone fairly and value diversity.

We focus on opportunities and possibilities, rather than limitations, and we promote flexible working. We want to ensure that we encourage a culture that places customers at its centre and our behaviours framework which details the behaviours and attitudes required by all employees to support delivery of this culture, and defines how you will be expected to carry out your role. Decide whether you would make a good match with Wiltshire Council by having a go at our behaviours questionnaireJoin us and you will enjoy the chance to achieve your full potential and enjoy a truly fulfilling career in a beautiful part of the country.


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Our behaviours


With enthusiasm, you work to deliver a high quality service to meet personal, organisational and customer expectations. You pursue a ‘can-do’ attitude in all of the work you deliver, ensuring it meets the needs of all current and potential customers.

Wiltshire facts


Wiltshire Council was created in 2009 as a unitary authority by bringing together the previous district and county councils.


We’re one of the county’s largest employers: a workforce of about 5,000, not including our schools workforce, serving a population of 474,300.


In 2011, we pioneered a new leadership model, replacing a single chief executive with a leadership team of corporate directors.


We’ve put decision making in the heart of the community, through 18 local area boards.


Our teams work creatively in partnership with the NHS, police, fire and rescue, and community groups.


According to national crime statistics, Wiltshire is the second safest place to live in the country.


In our latest staff survey, responses reflected strong embedding of the behaviours framework, with 95% of staff stating they understand the behaviours that are expected of them.


In 2014, the council doubled its highways maintenance budget, adding an extra £53 million over the next five years for road improvements on 2,728 miles of roads.


In the latest staff survey, 73% of staff said there was a community focused culture which is a very positive message and reflects the Council’s vision to create stronger communities.


Around half of the 225,000 tonnes of household waste collected each year in Wiltshire is recycled.


We have 21 leisure centres, 30 libraries and two mobile libraries.


We have been named best council to work for in Britain by Glassdoor.


We spend £900 million each year, providing 354 services to the people of Wiltshire.


Between 2012 and 2016 there was a rise of 7% in the number of "fully engaged staff” and a reduction in those whose responses show them to be fully disengaged.


We’re investing nearly £80 million in our innovative and award winning community campus programme to bring improved facilities and services to local communities.

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