Rob - Disability Sport Development Officer

Rob - Disability Sport Development Officer

Tell us a little bit about yourself – Your work background, your interests…

Working in sport was my goal from an early age with both my college and university courses all chosen to give me the best possible opportunity to get the job I wanted. After leaving University in 2008 I landed the role of Community Sports Coach – Inclusion, delivering disability sports sessions to a whole range of organisations within South Wiltshire. Over the years the role has changed and in 2012 I was fortunate enough to become the Disability Sport Development Officer across the county.

My interest in sport goes back to my childhood where I was encouraged to participate in all sports both in and out of school. I continue to enjoy all sports, with my weekends often taken up with playing football, surfing or hiking through the Brecon Beacons.

Away from sport I love to travel and see new places either in this country or abroad with the West coast of America the next destination to visit.   


What's the best thing about working at Wiltshire Council, and your job specifically?

The best thing about being the Disability Sport Development Officer is the impact you can have on an individual’s life, and the coach:participant relationships you can build through working with individuals over a sustained period of time.

Working with a wide range of partners, the job offers the opportunity to support disabled people of all ages in achieving their sporting and personal goals. In my opinion the job is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have as you observe the changes in individuals throughout the programme.

The feeling of satisfaction, pride and self worth really cannot be matched when a parent or individual thanks you for the difference you have made. Wiltshire Council is a fantastic local authority to work for and over the past 4 years has supported the continued growth and development of the disability sports programme.


What makes you have a good day at work?

No two days are the same in this job and there are many different things that make for a good day at work. However the simplest of things, walking into a building and receiving high fives off the group you are about to work with, always makes for a good start to the day.


What's the most unusual thing you've ever eaten?

A chicken’s heart


What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

14,000ft sky dive landing on rainbow beach in Australia


What is your favourite book or film, and why?

The Italian Job – great story, great music, great cars!


What is your ideal holiday destination?

Any city that I can explore, being active as well as ginger means beach holidays are not a good idea therefore I would rather be sightseeing/exploring than lying on a beach. My favourite city to date – New York.


What is the first thing you bought with your own money?

A mobile phone the size of a brick with an aerial you could unscrew. It took ages to save up my paper round money.


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