Richard - Early Help Team Leader

Richard - Early Help Team Leader

Tell us a little bit about yourself – Your work background, your interests…

My training was in drama – using it as a tool to explore issues with community groups rather than training as an actor myself. I ran a theatre company who delivered Theatre in Education workshops for my home council in Peterborough. Peterborough created some arts youth worker positions and I obtained one of those and completed my youth work training part time whilst also working. I then moved to Wiltshire in 2010 and ran the youth centre in Devizes for 3 years before moving into the Common Assessment Framework Team (CAF) and coordinating the Gateway Panel, in August 2015 I became an Early Help Team Leader in the new Early Help service.

I am married and have a little boy and love board games, TV box sets and cooking. I also used to fence (swords and masks) rather than panels and posts.


What makes you have a good day at work?

Good days are when things go well for the children young people and families we support – so a young person getting an apprenticeship or college course and being able to stop our support because we are not needed anymore and they are able to manage for themselves.


What is the first thing you bought with your own money?

I remember blowing my first pay packet on the Star Wars Trilogy on video.


What's the best thing about working at Wiltshire Council, and your job specifically?

I really like the paper-LESS working – when I see the amount of stuff my wife has to cart about for her job I am not jealous at all. That is coupled with our ways of working and working flexibly with Lync and SharePoint – it all feeds into my inner geek.

What I love about my job is supporting the people I manage to make a difference to children & young people.




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