Highways and Streetscene

Wiltshire is a beautiful and varied county with rolling countryside which include areas of outstanding natural beauty, historic cities and market towns which aside from attracting visitors from all over the world, house thriving social and economic communities.

Wiltshire Councils highways department play a leading role in helping to support economic growth in the county whilst at the same time protecting and maintaining the environment. Our streetscene team within the local highways department ensures the grounds maintenance of all our green amenity land and the delivery of street cleansing activities to ensure our towns and villages are cleaned.

Together with the associated assets we play a vital role in our modern society. We facilitate the movement of goods and people, provide access to homes, businesses and key public services, and enables communications and utilities infrastructure to be readily routed. The highway network therefore fulfils a multitude of functions for a variety of users, all of whom may have different expectations of the network.

Key to maintaining these assets are the services delivered by local highways and streetscene. Working alongside experienced contractors, our technicians ensure that the roads and amenity land are maintained and kept clean for the safe use and enjoyment of all.

These services include:

  • Variety of road treatments from pot hole filling to resurfacing schemes
  • Maintaining gullies through a combination of emptying and road sweeping
  • Licensing applications for vehicle crossovers, skips and scaffolds
  • Caring for the environment to ensure that litter is removed and open spaces are protected.
  • Grounds maintenance of all amenity land across the county including grass cutting, hedge and shrub maintenance
  • Coordinating road works
  • Designing parking restrictions schemes
  • Advising on abnormal load routes

Due to the internal promotion, we are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to develop your career by joining our department. Adrian's video highlights the flexibility working at Wiltshire Council offers, and how he has progressed within the organisation since joining in 2007.

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The highway network includes the infrastructure of roads, bridges, pavements, cycle ways and public rights of way that connect Wiltshire’s communities with each other and with neighbouring areas. The highway network, together with street lights, traffic signals, bollards and signs, and the less visible things such as drainage systems and retaining walls, are the highway assets.

Did you know?

We currently have and maintain: 3.9 million square metres of footways, 1,560 bridges and structures, 82,775 road gullies, and 44,628 street lights


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